Oklahoma City Business & Commercial Law Legal Representation

We at Crain & Associates, PLLC, provide a wide assortment of business and commercial law representation. While a large portion of this legal work involves transactional tasks such as helping create and form businesses, much of our services involve business-related disputes.

I am attorney Jeff Crain and with over 15 years of serving the business community in Oklahoma I am entirely comfortable resolving business disputes. I will work closely with your business to develop the most effective and reasonable solution to whatever legal problem you face. Besides litigation, I am experienced resolving matters through negotiation, arbitration and mediation.

Serving Oklahoma City Small Businesses

At my firm, Crain & Associates, PLLC, I represent a broad range of business types, including those in the oil and gas industry, service and health care providers, contractors, and assisted living facilities. I offer personal service at accessible rates.

I work closely with:

  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Closely held corporations
  • LLCs

My firm represents these companies in day-to-day routine employment and operational issues. I offer such services as review and drafting of contracts, preparing of employee manuals and engaging in collections activities.

I also provide business succession planning for those whose "exit strategy" is for their business to remain operational after they're no longer running the business themselves.

Your Advocate In Resolving Business Disputes

As an experienced attorney I can often see the best and shortest route to resolution. I am able to step in when employment issues arise, including representing your business in unemployment claims and equal opportunity claims.

  • I advocate for your business to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively to avoid whenever possible lengthy and expensive court battles.
  • Quick resolution is the key to moving forward and allowing you to stay focused on keeping your business running.
  • I will work with you every step of the way and communicate potential issues to help reduce your exposure to unnecessary risk.

Work With Me, A Proven And Qualified Business And Commercial Law Lawyer

If you have questions about how I can help please email me at Crain & Associates, PLLC. I offer a no-risk initial consultation. You can also call my office direct at 405-486-9794 to discuss your issue or to make an appointment. My office also represents commercial and residential landlords in a variety of matters, including eviction, back rent collection and litigation.