Business Succession Planning Attorney For Oklahoma City

Anyone who starts his or her own business takes tremendous pride in this accomplishment. While we eventually will have to retire from this enterprise, many of us would like to see the small family business, sole proprietorship, partnership, closely held corporation, or LLC continue running even after we no longer are contributing to the day-to-day operations. However, it's extremely important to not put off business succession planning until it's too late. Otherwise the businesses that you worked so hard to create may fail to provide benefits for those you care for the most.

Starting The Difficult Conversation

Most business owners do not like talking about what happens after they leave the business. Leaving a business means in some instances not making the same level of contribution to the community that we have made in the past. It also means making a number of difficult choices as to whether to close down the business or turn the business over to someone else. Most importantly, it means figuring out the most prudent ownership and management decisions so that you can continue financially supporting yourself and your family.

At Crain & Associates, PLLC, attorney Jeffrey I. Crain can speak to you about your many options. He talks through these matters with you and helps you decide what works best for your particular circumstances. He helps you realize your ultimate exit strategy for your business and works with you in creating a business plan that best meets your goals.

Jeff wants to start this conversation with you early in the process, so that a plan is in place – even if it needs revisiting or reworking at some later date. One of Jeff's greatest attributes is his attention to detail regarding ownership and control of the company. His services help accomplish such planning correctly. If a transfer of the business takes place, Jeff helps you ensure the business is placed in competent hands with the people you trust.

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Jeffrey I. Crain works thoroughly with every client to understand the operations and goals of the business owner. For an initial consultation, contact Crain & Associates, PLLC, by calling 405-242-4107.