Guardianship Assistance Tailored Toward Your Individual Needs

There are few more difficult choices to make than when deciding to establish a guardianship for a loved one. Establishing a guardianship often involves making of a number of financial, emotional, legal, and medical determinations for a loved one when the person no longer is able to make those choices for himself or herself.

Crain & Associates, PLLC, understands the process for appointing a guardian, and the reporting and filing requirements accompanying such an appointment. Attorney Jeffrey I. Crain regularly assists guardians in fulfillment of their duties and provides the advice and guidance to make their job easier.

The Process For Establishing A Guardianship

Guardianship involves having a person formally put in charge of the financial and personal choices for another person who has been determined legally incompetent. Oklahoma law recognizes the importance of these responsibilities by requiring the approval and supervision of the court. During the process, there must be proof that the individual is unable to handle his or her own affairs and that the proposed guardian is trustworthy and suitable to carry out the guardianship duties.

Jeff Crain provides guidance on carrying out guardianship duties. He helps you understand what is required of a guardian, and he assists you in carrying out many of the administrative tasks.

As a lawyer who understands the physical and emotional needs of elderly people and their families, Jeff Crain is a powerful advocate for both guardians and for their loved ones. Jeff works with assisted care facilities and nursing homes when dealing with elder law issues. He provides training and seminars regarding a large number of legal issues facing the elderly. Jeff provides the sort of representation he would wish to have if he were in similar circumstances.

An Attorney Who Makes Himself Available

When seeking the services of Crain & Associates, PLLC, you will be dealing directly with an attorney who has dealt with guardianship and elder law issues for many years. Jeff Crain helps you prepare and file the court papers to set up a guardianship, puts together a strategy regarding how the elderly person will receive his or her care, discusses with family members all of their options, and continues providing legal representation throughout the entire process.

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