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Besides a will, perhaps the single most important estate planning tool you need to have in place is a power of attorney. This, when combined with an advance directive, lets those dear to you know your wishes in the event you are unable to take care of your own affairs. A well-drafted power of attorney provides someone you trust with the capability of paying the bills, keeping the business running, and deciding upon important medical decisions for you.

Attorney Jeffrey I. Crain provides a unique perspective when it comes to powers of attorney. Besides having the experience needed to prepare such documents, he provides seminars and presentations regarding advance directives and the needs of elderly individuals in Oklahoma City.

It's Important Not To Delay In Preparing A Power Of Attorney

When we are healthy, there is a tendency to put off decisions about estate planning matters. Unfortunately, too many individuals fail to prepare a quality durable power of attorney until it is too late. Besides not having someone there and designated to make decisions for you, your family may be unable to access accounts to pay bills and take care of the needs of the family, including your immediate needs.

You can always amend or revoke a power of attorney during your lifetime and prior to incapacity. However, if you do suffer incapacity and have no power of attorney in place, typically, a court will have to appoint someone to make your financial and medical decisions - rather than decisions being made by someone you choose. Besides the possibility of not having your wishes fulfilled because no power of attorney is in place, the process of going to court to decide upon your affairs will be costly and time-consuming for the entire family.

Jeff Crain can prepare a power of attorney that complies with Oklahoma laws and that meets all of your needs. If necessary, as your situation changes, he can incorporate changes to these documents. Jeff thoroughly understands the long-term needs of everyone he represents. As such, he provides the most useful guidance regarding the use of the power of attorney in your comprehensive estate plan.

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