Probate And Estate Administration Services In Oklahoma City

As an attorney with over 15 years of probate and estate administration I provide these legal services for both simple and complex estates. I understand every aspect of such matters and have provided representation for both beneficiaries and administrators.

Lawyer Assisting With Contested And Uncontested Probate Issues

Whether it involves contested or uncontested probate issues, I, Oklahoma City attorney Jeff Crain, can provide legal representation for you. I understand how to litigate your matter in court. I am also able to resolve matters by means other than litigation.

Because of the tremendous amount of experience I have in handling probate matters, I am familiar with every detail regarding the process. My close attention to detail enables me to resolve probate matters quickly and smoothly. I personally handle each case to ensure that your interests in the probate process receive protection through every phase.

Representation During Administration Of The Estate

I have long assisted administrators on the best method for resolving estate matters. As Oklahoma has many laws governing estate administration, the assistance I provide in making certain there is correct administration can make a substantial difference.

  • I steer administrators away from the sorts of mistakes that can result in litigation.
  • I intervene when disputes arise and work directly with you and the other parties toward the best possible resolution.
  • I often handle the administrative tasks concerning filings, accountings, inventory, taxes and distribution of the estate assets.
  • Should disputes arise, I know how to represent clients in will contests, claims against an estate administrator or challenges regarding administration of trusts.

Contact Me, An Experienced Probate And Estate Administration Attorney

Call me, attorney Jeff Crain, for legal service regarding elder law issues, estate planning and probate matters. To set up an initial consultation with me, email Crain & Associates, PLLC, or call me direct at 405-486-9794.