Oklahoma Trade Associations Legal Services

While many issues facing trade associations are similar to those of businesses, trade organizations often have to comply with a number of additional regulations as well. Crain & Associates, PLLC, provides knowledge and guidance to trade associations concerning this area of law.

What Is A Trade Association?

Business owners, manufacturers, and licensed professionals in a particular industry often set up an organization or member group to forward their common interests and standardize or promote particular industry practices. These associations often advertise like any individual business, but they also often lobby for political interests. Some trade associations are also nonprofit entities, with certain requirements unique to these organizations.

Attorney Jeff Crain provides the types of legal services that keep trade associations operating smoothly. His services assure that the trade association's tax-exempt status, if available, remains in place. He also helps association leaders keep certifications and credentials current. Besides addressing legal issues, membership and ethics issues, the guidance he provides helps trade associations best achieve their goals.

Lawyer Resolving Trade Association Disputes

Jeff Crain has resolved disputes for businesses and trade associations and their members through litigation, mediation, and arbitration. More importantly, he provides guidance that helps keep these member-based associations out of court.

Jeff drafts and reviews contracts and agreements. With a vast understanding of business industry practices, employment law, and various licensing issues, Jeff crafts agreements and contracts in a manner to avoid internal disputes from arising.

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